The Trio Of Stridence came into existence back in early 2002 when Alex Masi was invited down to The Kibitz Room at Canter's Deli to perform improvisational music and jam with other regulars. I was invited to join Alex soon thereafter, and after a few weeks of playing with different bassists every week, we decided to secure someone for a regular spot.

Once Jeffrey Allan was in the line-up, we began playing a few fusion tunes from our collective memory and then used these compositions as starting points for our own improvisations. We learned a few more classics, and continued to combine them with our improvisations every Monday night at Canter's, as well as several other venues around Los Angeles.

We went by the name "The Trio Of Doom" at this point, borrowing the name from the band that featured John McLaughlin, Jaco Pastorius and Tony Williams. That band only played one show in Havana, Cuba, but they epitomized the approach that we were going for.

We were featured in the Calendar section of the Los Angeles times in 2003 and continued to entertain our loyal fans at the Kibitz Room whenever our schedules would permit.

In 2005, we released the CD titled "Pastrami Standards", and in 2013 we released our sophomore record "Auditur Periculosum". This time around we have a fantastic new bass player named Peter Bakaja as well as three different guitarists. Allen Hinds, Luca Mantovanelli, and Alex Milella played on several tracks each and are sure to delight fans of jazz and fusion with their performances.